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About the College

Hatvani István College for Advanced Studies is the intellectual, academic and communal workshop for the full-time students of the University of Debrecen. Hatvani István College for Advanced Studies provides a high level of academic background and a community for its students, and as an autonomous institution its mission is to guide the most gifted and hard-working students of the participating faculties through their BA, MA/MSc and PhD studies. Thus, the primary objective of the College is to improve and extend students’ knowledge gained during their university studies, to help them with their academic advancement and prepare them for a successful teaching and researching career. As a value- and knowledge-centred talent workshop, it is a priority for the College that its members should become educated, open-minded intellectuals who can make their ways in the world. A further aim of the College is to support students from various academic fields and to become an interdisciplinary university research centre, always aiming at initiating a dialogue between the arts and the sciences. These objectives of the College are based on the students’ individual achievements, their democratic self-government system, the establishing and maintaining of shared values within our framework of activities, as well as the creating of a public atmosphere where a variety of opinions can be freely represented.
Hatvani István College for Advanced Studies is based on a tutorial system, that is, all our students have a research topic of their own, and for years they have been reaching excellent results at international and Hungarian conferences alike. In line with the research and educational programme of the College, several independent collections of essays by students and tutors have been published. Having earned their university degrees, the students of the College usually find it especially easy to find a job, which also demonstrates the success of our educational system, and as a result, they become highly educated, responsible and open-minded intellectuals who also various foreign languages. Since 2001 altogether 25 students of the College have won a first prize at OTDK, the number of our students winning any OTDK prizes is 56, and 15 College students have received special OTDK prizes.